Although she lived over 200 years ago, many are still familiar with the name and unique genius of the poet, Hồ Xuân Hương. She lives on in Vietnamese poetic circles through her clever use of the "eight heptasyllabic line" genre with truly original works of romance and irony.


200 years later, please welcome the poetry of Lê Hoàng Trúc, also rich with mischief, innocence, satire, etc....


Lê Hoàng Trúc is able to combine two societies, ancient and modern, making us feel like we've traveled back in time. See if you agree. Please take a closer look at Lê Hoàng Trúc's website.



Lê Hoàng Trúc was born and raised in Danang City in Central Vietnam. She grew up in a traditional Confucianist family. Her parents and grandparents all teachers, Hoàng Trúc was brought up reading classical Sino-Vietnamese (Hán Việt) literature.


Hoàng Trúc is currently a resident of the United States. She works primarily as a fashion designer and has her own company, "Bad Habit Fashions." In her spare time, Hoàng Trúc writes poetry and music for relaxation and enjoyment. She has said that she will continue to write poetry until she no longer remembers any letters.


So let's read her new poems....


If you would like to take part in some interactive poetry, click on Lê Hoàng Trúc's blog (Vietnamese language only).


Her second book, "Thơ Tình- Mộng Tím," was published in 2011 and consists primarily of love poems in a variety of styles.


Hoàng Trúc's first published book of poetry, entitled "Bông Cỏ May," consists of nearly 200 poems of various genres. All of Lê Hoàng Trúc's books are available for purchase through this website by clicking on the titles above, or by visiting the "Poetry" section.


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